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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Division of Leyte Project TIED (Technology Integration in Education)

The Division of Leyte in the Philippines conducted a division-wide training of technology integration in education to Grade 1 and 7 teachers which they called Project TIED.  This is the initiative project of the Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Ronelo Al K. Firmo and the Asst. Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Mario Rodgie R. Sombilon with the help of Dr. Roberto Mangaliman.

 This is aside from the training conducted by Mr. Ismael T. Posion, the ICT Supervisor of the division, to all ICT Coordinators in the Leyte Division.

 The purpose of the Project TIED is for the teachers to be updated on the latest ICT tools of Microsoft which can be used in teaching as their innovative strategy.  The technology integration in education is aligned to the new Kto12 Basic Curriculum of the Department of Education in the Philippines with combination of the 21st century learning design (21CLD)… to make sure that 21st century skills will be acquired by the students when they perform the activities which will be given by the teachers.  All teacher-participants registered in the Microsoft Educators Network to have full access of the benefits given by Microsoft from free ICT tools, professional development and even tutorials.
The last training were conducted in 3 batches for four days consisting of more than 100 participants per batch at Hilongos, Leyte, November and December 2014.  Similar to DCP Training of ICT Coordinators, the following were the topics discusses:

·         Lecture about ICT in Education and 21st Century

·         21st Century Learning Design

·         Microsoft Educators Network

·         Microsoft AutoCollage

·         Digital FlashCards Making using MS PowerPoint

·         Digital Quiz Making using MS PowerPoint

·         Lesson Plan Making with ICT Integration

·         Comics Making using MS Word and PowerPoint

·         Spreadsheet using MS Excel

·         Lecture on Windows 8/8.1

·         Video Creation using MS PowerPoint

·         Video Creation using Photo Story

 With all these ICT tools and topics taught to teachers, they had developed digital materials for their teaching.

The Trainers with ASDS Dr. Mario Rodgie R. Sombilon

Two of the trainers are recognized by Microsoft for being Innovative Teachers.  Glendale Lamiseria won in the Innovative Teachers Leadership Award (ITLA) of 2011 in the Philippines and participated in the Regional ITLA held at Thailand.  Ernani Fernandez is a Microsoft Innovative Expert Educator of 2014 and a Learn-a-thon Winner during the Global Forum held in Barcelona. 

 For this month of January and February 2015, is the wide implementation of the training to all Grade 1 teachers.  Hence, Division of Leyte conducted another training for untrained Grade 1 Teachers, simultaneously.  And the teachers who attended in the previous batch are now included as facilitators.  They are the one who give assistance to those teachers who are just new in using technology.
The next plan of Division of Leyte is to train the School Leaders with regard to Project TIED in order for them to know the significance of integrating technology in teaching and for them to give their support to teachers.
They will also gain skills on instructional supervision with the use of ICT aligned to Kto12 competencies and acquire innovative strategies in supervising teachers with the aid of technology.

Dr. Ronelo Al K. Firmo, Superintendent of Division of Leyte delivering his message to the teacher-participants at Hilongos, Leyte.

Dr. Mario Rodgie R. Sombilon giving his message to the teacher-participants at Abuyog, Leyte.

Dr. Roberto Mangaliman giving his message to the teachers at Merida, Leyte.

Participants from Hilingos, Leyte

Participants from Tunga, Leyte

Manilyn Advincula in her lecture about Microsoft AutoCollage and Digital Flash Cards using PowerPoint

Jeffry Advincula in his lecture about Microsoft Educators Network

Presenting the Features of Windows 8.1

Ernani Fernandez while discussing the 21st century learning design

Project TIED Team B at Tunga, Leyte



Anonymous said...

Project TIED is good when it comes to its design and its perspective, but the school head should also know about it as to the implementation to the school. Because, those who were trained weren't able to echo it to the school. Example is the lesson planning, some school heads do not accepts for changes, to be encoded. so as to class records. and even some teachers still don't know how to use such technologies. I think, there should be a wide and strict dissemination and compliance to it. there should be a mandate for legal bases.

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