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Monday, February 9, 2015

Microsoft Education Ambassadors’ Assembly and Recognition

Microsoft Philippines recognized 27 Ambassadors for Education last February 4, 2015 at Ascott Hotel, Makati City, Philippines, during the General Assembly of Microsoft Ambassadors.  These individuals are from the business and education sectors and some are the student partners of Microsoft who are also involved in the program and even from non-government organizations.  These are the people who are passionate of uplifting the quality of education of every Filipino through the efficient and proper use of technology in teaching and learning.
Each ambassadors had trained more than 40 teachers from their adopted school.  The program is getting bigger and better by recruiting new sets of ambassadors to intensify the use of technology in teaching and learning.
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The Philippine Pride! Representative in the previous Microsoft Education Global Forum:  L-R:  Felix T. Bunagan, Zoilo Pinongcos Jr., Shateen Serana, Ernani Fernandez and Ram Basingan
Award of Excellence received by Ernani Fernandez in recognition of his exceptional performance as a Microsoft Education Ambassador who empowers educators to teach with technology.
Photo opportunity with the Microsoft People:  Yvette Watson, Felicia Brown and Clarissa Segismundo
Encouraging the new ambassadors for education last February 5, 2015 at the Microsoft Office Makati City and sharing experiences for being an ambassador

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Division of Leyte Project TIED (Technology Integration in Education)

The Division of Leyte in the Philippines conducted a division-wide training of technology integration in education to Grade 1 and 7 teachers which they called Project TIED.  This is the initiative project of the Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Ronelo Al K. Firmo and the Asst. Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Mario Rodgie R. Sombilon with the help of Dr. Roberto Mangaliman.

 This is aside from the training conducted by Mr. Ismael T. Posion, the ICT Supervisor of the division, to all ICT Coordinators in the Leyte Division.

 The purpose of the Project TIED is for the teachers to be updated on the latest ICT tools of Microsoft which can be used in teaching as their innovative strategy.  The technology integration in education is aligned to the new Kto12 Basic Curriculum of the Department of Education in the Philippines with combination of the 21st century learning design (21CLD)… to make sure that 21st century skills will be acquired by the students when they perform the activities which will be given by the teachers.  All teacher-participants registered in the Microsoft Educators Network to have full access of the benefits given by Microsoft from free ICT tools, professional development and even tutorials.
The last training were conducted in 3 batches for four days consisting of more than 100 participants per batch at Hilongos, Leyte, November and December 2014.  Similar to DCP Training of ICT Coordinators, the following were the topics discusses:

·         Lecture about ICT in Education and 21st Century

·         21st Century Learning Design

·         Microsoft Educators Network

·         Microsoft AutoCollage

·         Digital FlashCards Making using MS PowerPoint

·         Digital Quiz Making using MS PowerPoint

·         Lesson Plan Making with ICT Integration

·         Comics Making using MS Word and PowerPoint

·         Spreadsheet using MS Excel

·         Lecture on Windows 8/8.1

·         Video Creation using MS PowerPoint

·         Video Creation using Photo Story

 With all these ICT tools and topics taught to teachers, they had developed digital materials for their teaching.

The Trainers with ASDS Dr. Mario Rodgie R. Sombilon

Two of the trainers are recognized by Microsoft for being Innovative Teachers.  Glendale Lamiseria won in the Innovative Teachers Leadership Award (ITLA) of 2011 in the Philippines and participated in the Regional ITLA held at Thailand.  Ernani Fernandez is a Microsoft Innovative Expert Educator of 2014 and a Learn-a-thon Winner during the Global Forum held in Barcelona. 

 For this month of January and February 2015, is the wide implementation of the training to all Grade 1 teachers.  Hence, Division of Leyte conducted another training for untrained Grade 1 Teachers, simultaneously.  And the teachers who attended in the previous batch are now included as facilitators.  They are the one who give assistance to those teachers who are just new in using technology.
The next plan of Division of Leyte is to train the School Leaders with regard to Project TIED in order for them to know the significance of integrating technology in teaching and for them to give their support to teachers.
They will also gain skills on instructional supervision with the use of ICT aligned to Kto12 competencies and acquire innovative strategies in supervising teachers with the aid of technology.

Dr. Ronelo Al K. Firmo, Superintendent of Division of Leyte delivering his message to the teacher-participants at Hilongos, Leyte.

Dr. Mario Rodgie R. Sombilon giving his message to the teacher-participants at Abuyog, Leyte.

Dr. Roberto Mangaliman giving his message to the teachers at Merida, Leyte.

Participants from Hilingos, Leyte

Participants from Tunga, Leyte

Manilyn Advincula in her lecture about Microsoft AutoCollage and Digital Flash Cards using PowerPoint

Jeffry Advincula in his lecture about Microsoft Educators Network

Presenting the Features of Windows 8.1

Ernani Fernandez while discussing the 21st century learning design

Project TIED Team B at Tunga, Leyte


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Pope Francis at Palo, Leyte, Philippines

We are all aware that the Eastern Visayas Region in the Philippines, particularly Palo, Leyte was devastated by the Super Typhoon Yolanda last November 8, 2013.  That is the most tragic experience of Paloanons'.  Properties and even some members of the family were lost. 

The whole world heard the people of Palo and showers of blessings came from generous people all over the world.  Now, 1 year later... Palo had recovered from the unforgettable experience. 

Hence, the leader of the Catholic church visited the survivors of Yolanda as messenger of Christ. Pope Francis brought the message of the Lord as Mercy and Compassion and for the government to stop corruption.

This day, January 17, 2015, I saw Pope Francis in person when he went to the Archbishop's Palace located at Brgy. Arado Palo, Leyte which is just near to my parents-in-law's home.  I was blessed by him and my family is really blessed to see him.  I can't explain my feelings.. it just like I saw the Lord Jesus Christ. 

I love you Jesus Christ and I love you Lord!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Pasidungog 2014

The award was given by the Regional Director of Easter Visayas, Dr. Luisa B. Yu with Dr. Ronelo Al K. Firmo, the Superintendent of Leyte Division and with the two Assistant Superintendents  
I received an award of recognition last January 14, 2015 during the Department of Education Division of Leyte Pasidungog 2014.  This is the recognition day for the teaching and non-teaching personnel of the division.  I am so happy and blessed because almost every year I am part of this annual recognition. 

I would like to thank Microsoft Philippines for all the support during the Microsoft in Education Global Forum in Barcelona, Spain.  It was a great experienced and after the forum more opportunities came and are still coming for my career as an educator.  Being a Microsoft Innovative Expert Educator is the reason why I am awarded in the Pasidungog 2014.

This award is a good start for this year 2015.  And I hope God will continue to shower His blessings to my family. 

I hope I can deliver well and perform my commitments to teachers without worries.

Just support me to train teachers with regard to technology integration in education.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

DepEd Computerization Program (DCP) Orientation and Training of ICT Teachers for the 21st Century Skills Development under the Kto12 Program

The Department of Education (DepEd) Division of Leyte through the Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. Ronelo Al K. Firmo and the Division ICT Coordinator Mr. Ismael T. Posion spearheaded the ICT training to teachers in relation to the Kto12 Curriculum and the 21st century education last November 2014. 

This training was also part of the commitment of Mr. Ernani S. Fernandez to the Microsoft Innovative Expert Educator Program, to train teachers on the use of technology in education and let the students acquire the 21st century skills.

This was also in connection with the Microsoft Ambassadors Program of Microsoft Philippines, in which all public school teachers should be trained on technology integration to education.
DepEd Computerization Program (DCP) is the program of the Department of Education that aims to provide public schools with appropriate technologies that would enhance the teaching-learning process and meet the challenges of the 21st century.  This program shall respond to the computer backlog of public schools by providing them hardware and software, and training on simple trouble shooting (DO No. 78, s. 2010). 

The objectives of the DepEd Computerization Program as follows:

1.       Provide computer laboratory packages to secondary schools;

2.       Provide e-classroom to elementary schools;

3.       Provide laptop units to mobile teachers;

4.       Integrate ICT in the school system;

5.       Raise the ICT literacy of learners, pupils, students, teachers and school heads; and

6.       Reduce the computer backlog in public school

All ICT Coordinators coming from the DCP recipient schools attended the training.  Four batches of training were done consisting of 40 ICT teachers for each batch.  And the ICT Coordinators need to conduct an echo-training in their respective district and/or school as the implementation of the program.

Meet the Trainers:

(From L-R:  Dulce Amor R. Cañon, Marvinson L. Sy, Rodolfo M. Talua, Ernani S. Fernandez, Jenibeth R. Fernandez & Jonas M. Cabusbusan)

The trainers were trained as Global Filipino Teachers of Globe Bridging Communities with their Global Filipino Teachers Program and Doctoral students of Leyte Normal University.  Currently, Dulce Amor R. Cañon is a Teacher III at Tunga Central School and the ICT Coordinator in Tunga District;  Marvinson L. Sy is also a Teacher III in Mayorga Central School who won in the Regional ICT Video Competition in Region VIII;  Dr. Rodolfo M. Talua is the Teacher In-Charge in one of the schools in Calubian District; Ernani S. Fernandez is a Microsoft Innovative Expert Educator who won in Barcelona, Spain during the 2014 Microsoft in Education Global Forum, a Teacher III and ICT Coordinator at Palo National High School; Jenibeth R. Fernandez, a Grade 1 Teacher at Palo I Central School and one of the Microsoft Innovative Expert Educator for 2015 for her “ICT Makes Fun in Grade 1” learning activity and Jonas M. Cabusbusan a Teacher III of Tanauan School of Craftsmanship and Home Industries and also one of the Microsoft Innovative Expert Educator for 2015.

What are the outputs of the teachers during the training?

 During the training, the participants were required to work on the following:

·         Register in the LRMDS Portal of the Department of Education to access several instructional materials which can be downloaded and use in teaching. ( 

·         Register in the Microsoft Educators Network ( and have a full access of the benefits offered by Microsoft, from ICT tools up to professional development of teachers.

·         Digital Quiz using PowerPoint with 10 slides and 5 questions

·         5 Digital Flash Cards using PowerPoint

·         1 AutoCollage documentation of the training

·         1 Fotostory documentation of the training

·         1 Puzzle using of the subject taught

·         1 downloaded video from YouTube

·         1 Video documentation of the training using MovieMaker

·         Group Learning Activity “Learn-a-Thon”

·         1 Page Newsletter using Publisher

·         1 Certificate using Publisher

·         1 Invitation Program using Publisher

·         1 Gradesheet using MS Excel

·         Final Presentation of the Group Learning Activity

·         Daily Blogging as self-reflection

ICT Teachers on the Go!
These pictures were taken during the 4 batches of training.

Dr. Rodolfo Talua orienting the teachers about the status of DCP in the Division of Leyte

and ICT in Education

Ernani S. Fernandez while discussing the 21st century learning design

One of the participants during the first batch changed the wallpaper

with her autocollage output using Microsoft AutoCollage

With Mr. Ismael T. Posion, the Division of Leyte ICT Coordinator

Jonas M. Cabusbusan while presenting his learning activity “PinMe Crafts!”

Dulce Amor R. Cañon while discussing the proper use of PowerPoint for slide presentation

Marvinson L. Sy during his Digital Quiz discussion

The participants while busy working with their outputs.

Jonas M. Cabusbusan assisting the participants

Jenibeth R. Fernandez presented her learning activity “ICT Makes Fun in Grade 1”

as a sample of the 21st Century Learning Design

Some of the Outputs submitted

(Click the link! Or join the Innovative Classroom Tutors group of the Division of Leyte to see more outputs....)

 Learning Activity Output of Kananga, Alfredo Parilla, San Agustin & Mahaplag NHS

The Training Matrix


Their Impressions!




Monday, January 12, 2015

Microsoft Educator Network Columnist

Hello! It's me Ernani Fernandez of Palo National High School and I am glad to be one of the Microsoft Educator Network “What’s Fresh?” Official Blog for the 2015 Microsoft in Education Global Forum in Redmond, Washington this April 2015.
 Check out my blog about ICT Integration in Education to this link: